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St. Lucia’s Department of Labour Burgled.



A government office has been burgled yet again.

On Wednesday morning at around 7:30 employees of the Department of Labour walked in on the scene.

Up until news time, however, it was unclear whether anything went missing.

The Department of Labour occupies two floors of the Barnard Hill/Sans Soucis located building.

Sources say the department’s driver arrived for work as normal Wednesday.

He requested the office’s key from the security guard stationed there, only to be informed that the office had already been opened. The driver proceeds to his desk, following which he realized that his and other desks and offices in the department were ransacked

Desk drawers appeared to be emptied of their contents – mainly documents and folders, scattered on the floor.

Both the second and third floors of the building were the only ones burglarized.

The unknown suspects are believed to have forced their way through this front door.

We sought comment from the Permanent Secretary at the Department of Labour, but Prime was informed that she was in a meeting with the Company responsible for securing the premises.

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