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Parent attacks teacher in front of class



GEORGETOWN – A Grade One teacher attached to the Winfer Gardens Primary School is now nursing injuries after she was attacked and beaten on Wednesday morning in her classroom by a parent.

Based on information received, the teacher, Yolanda Jackson, was visited by the parent within the confines of the school to address an issue concerning her child who was reportedly beaten by the said teacher.

An eyewitness indicated that a verbal confrontation ensued between the teacher and the woman, whose child is a pupil in her class. This, however, led to a physical attack in the presence of other pupils.

Other teachers and students who witnessed the incident detailed that Jackson was “dragged onto the floor”, “kicked”, “punched” and “slammed” by the lone parent and the entire confrontation lasted several minutes.

While the injuries were not critical, Jackson was bleeding from the head with “cuts and bruises” about her body. A video made just after the attack captured one of the students explaining, “She beat teacher Jackson and her head was bleeding”.

A few hours after, a report was filed with the Police as the Education Ministry was also made aware of the matter at hand.

When Guyana Times visited the school later in the day, the Head-Teacher could not comment on the matter, stating that they were not given clearance from the Ministry to divulge the details.

However, teachers stood in disbelief, and seemingly concerned, about their colleague.

While the motive was not clearly determined, it is alleged that the child was recently beaten severely at the hands of the teacher. Photos surfacing on social media showed the five-year-old’s swollen fingers and marks across the upper arm.

Nevertheless, educators at the institution clearly expressed that “violence is not the answer”.

In the past year, there have been violent attacks involving students, teachers and now, parents. Last December, a school teacher had to seek medical attention after she was attacked and beaten by a student of the Number 8 Secondary School on the West Coast of Berbice.

The injured woman, Gangadin Sebarat-Isaacs, acting Head Teacher of the Number Five Primary School, was reportedly heading home when the incident occurred. She was punched to the face several times, resulting in swelling and other injuries.

Meanwhile, another fifth form student of the Number 8 Secondary School had previously attacked a teacher. That teacher had Aaround the school compound before two male teachers came to her rescue.

While teachers are being attacked, several students within the past two months have come forward about violence at their schools – an institution which is supposed to be considered a safe place.

Most recently, six-year-old Fawaz Asgar was left traumatised after a fellow schoolmate slashed his hand with a broken glass bottle at the Mon Repos Primary School, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on November 13.

Just a few days prior, eight-year-old Richard Boodram was reportedly beaten by five of his classmates, also at the Mon Repos Primary School.

The child was reportedly struck to his head with a bottle and a piece of wood and had to be hospitalised for several days.

In October 2019, a female student attached to a school in Berbice was badly beaten and her hijab ripped off by other students.

In March 2019, a student attached to the New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI), also in Berbice, was viciously attacked by a group of other students, who were beating him with a belt. (Guyana Times)

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