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Jah Cure Goes Viral Again



Jah Cure Goes Viral Again

Jah Cure is once again making rounds on social media – however luckily this time it’s seemingly for a good reason.-

In an Instagram story video uploaded to the Grammy-nominated singer’s account on Friday, Jah Cure got the attention from the ladies on social media who quickly noticed his manhood was printing out of his shorts.

The footage shows the Cure giving blessings to Jah as he poured coconut water over his head but the message was lost as women zoomed into the clip and gushed over his package.

“What in the 12 inches of pipe iron is going on here,” one female questioned. “What in the womb shifter, no tripe, no liver, imaginary belly bottom is going on here? Wah dat Jah Cure a walk round wid?,” another continued.

Jah Cure who was blasted earlier this month following his disrespectful rant about Dancehall selectors instantly won over the hearts of his females fans, “What a way unu did hate Jah Cure last week but now all a unu love him again,” one fan pointed out.

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