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Can you Freestyle Battle? MBC has the perfect opportunity for you! Details inside..



Do you have what it takes to be a contestant on our weekly freestyle battle?

MBC is seeking talent on island to participate in our Freestyle Battle aired during our entertainment countdown – Boom Vibez. The rappers who enter the battle, will be going up against their challenger for 2 rounds. Each rapper is allowed 45secs to freestyle on the instrumental provided. Winners will return to a showdown at the end of the month to battle for “Freestyle Champion of the Month”, which builds up to “Freestyle Champion of the Year”.

Here are the Official Rules and Regulation Manifesto of  the FREESTYLE BATTLE (contains the participant eligibility/entry requirements, standard procedures and the rules and regulations.)

FREESTYLE  BATTLE is a competitive component of Boom Vybez that provides emcees/rapper with opportunities to showcase their artistry and skills in spitting rhymes, for media exposure and championship titles and bragging rights.


1. The emcee/rapper must abide by the eligibility rules of – Freestyle Rap Battle.
2. This is an open category.
3. No age limit required
4. No use of foul language.
5. Waiver & Release of Liability: Each emcee/rapper must submit a Release of Liability Form and Waiver prior to the competition from liability for any accident or injury occurring to the artist/emcee/rapper prior to, during, or after the competition.


1. Once all slots are already final it will be divided into two brackets. Winners will advance while losers are eliminated without a chance of returning.


1. Do not bite (copy) someone else’s work. Your freestyle must be 100% original material and shall not infringe upon any third party copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights nor shall it contain any vulgar words and sexually explicit lyrics.
2. The language and dialect to be used in the battle is either English or Creole.
3. The rap lyrics (punch line) should focus more on humor whether you mock or ridicule your opponent.
4. MBC will appoint the timekeeper. He/She will be provided with a stopwatch and will be responsible for indicating the end of each round. The clock starts from the beginning of the first line spoken by the competitor.
5. The audience will be provided to break the tie.
6. Each Emcee must rhyme over the same beat as their opponent.
7. By participating in this event you permit the recording of your contributions and assign to the organizers the complete copyright and all other rights in your contributions for use in all media.
8. Competitors who are rude, abusive or deemed otherwise unsuitable by MBC will be disqualified from the competition.


1. The judging panel must be consisting of  (3) judges.
2. Judges must make their decision as to the winner of each round independently and will have an opportunity to explain their decisions.
3. In the case of a round where the judges cannot reach a decision each Emcee will be asked to perform an extra verse for forty five (45) seconds and the concept/topic should be given by the judges. Whenever possible this process should be avoided by the judges.
4. Decision by the judges is final. There is no appeal process. PROTEST – are prohibited and will not be accepted regarding any score or result of a decision.

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Sir Stanislaus James Building Waterfront, Castries
Saint Lucia, West Indies
Today, Monday October 26, 2020 the Ministry of Health received confirmation of nine new cases of COVID-19. This brings the national number of cases diagnosed to date in country to 63. A total of 36 cases are currently active and isolated in care.
Five of the cases are female and four male. Their ages range from 12 years to 55 years. These cases are from the Vieux-Fort, Castries and Gros-Islet districts. All of the cases were placed in quarantine after testing, while awaiting results. A link has been established for five of these cases to individuals who had been diagnosed with the virus. Investigations on the other four cases are ongoing to determine if they are linked to prior cases.
The new cases continue to be diagnosed and captured from a wider range of communities. This situation requires us to constantly stick with the behaviours that can keep us at low risk. We need to keep ourselves on alert particularly when we are in places where we are comfortable and where we have frequent contact like our work places. The Ministry of Health also takes this opportunity to encourage all to look out for one another. Let’s encourage each other to act
responsibly to reduce our exposure to the virus.
Anyone with respiratory symptoms like cough, fever, sore throat should not be at work or in any public place. It is important that people who are unwell seek care promptly at the closest Community Respiratory Clinic.

The Ministry of Health once more reminds everyone to:

  • wash and sanitize hands often throughout the day
  • always wear a mask while in public
  • maintain a separation of six feet from others while in public, which is about two arm’s length apart

The Ministry of Health and Wellness will continue providing updates as new information becomes available.

For more informa

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Ryder Cup in Memory of Fitz Andre Charlery Up and Running



Photo: WorldNewsNet

The Ryder Cup in Memory of former President of the Micoud Football League, Fitz Andre Charlery is up and running. The said competition organized by the Micoud Football League sees ten teams participating in two groups of five in a single round robin competition. At the end of the preliminary round the top two teams will advance to the next stage. The participating teams in the Group Stage are as follows:

Group A 


Young Strikers


Up Rising

Atlantic Ballers

Group B




Grass Street

Praslin Bay

Matches will be played at the Wenn Playing Field on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday with a double header on Sunday. The tournament after observing all the COVID – 19 protocols finally kicked off on Wednesday 21st October with Leeds defeating Grass Street 1 – 0. The winning goal was scored by Conrad Evans. Matches continued with Young strikers coming up against Helenites earlier today.

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Hon. Philip J. Pierre Sponsored Football Competition Resumes with COVID-19 Protocol in Full Effect



Photo: Stluciastar

The Hon. Phillip J. Pierre sponsored football competition organized by the Marchand Football League resumes following a one-week safety precaution measure. There will be a double header on Friday 23rd October at the Marchand Grounds. First up at 6.00 pm will be the encounter featuring B 1 Youth against Flames Veterans to be followed by the match up Big Players Youth against Pavee United at 8.00 pm. Please be aware that COVID – 19 protocols will be in place and as such all persons entering the grounds are expected to comply.

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