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A Saint Lucian basketballer is set to develop his leadership skills as part of a global training programme



25-year-old Pakel Gumbs has been selected to continue training under the auspices of the world governing body for basketball, FIBA, through their FIBA Foundation Youth Leadership program. 

Over the past four years the FIBA Foundation has pioneered 3×3 Youth Leader centric Basketball for Good projects impacting fifty four youth leaders from the regions of the Americas, Africa, South East Asia and Pacific.

The aim of the Youth Leadership project is to equip the youths with the tools to use basketball to create a positive impact within their communities.

In a second phase, the Youth leaders are being brought together virtually in an online program to further support the activities commenced with the previous projects.

30 Youth Leaders from 22 different countries were selected to take part in the program, which consists of monthly seminars over the course of one calendar year.

Gumbs explained to MBC Sports how he thinks being part of this program can help Saint Lucia baskettball.

This program will ultimately grow the Basketball For Good Family around the world, empowering youths to take active roles in their communities and within their National Federation. The programs built by these youths will address some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to a better world through sport.

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